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Technology Transfer

Under a vision of service for faculty and researchers, the Technology Transfer Office is responsible for identifying, valuing and managing the assets of intellectual property generated after the process of R&D at the University, protecting innovative ideas of researchers to potentially bring them to commercial world.

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Our numbers
  • 9

    patent applications

    presented in various countries

  • 26

    invention disclosures

    submitted by researchers during 2015

  • 10

    brand applications

    managed in 2015

  • 222

    faculty members formed

    in intellectual property and technology transfer

  • 1

    software of technological surveillance

    implemented and operative

  • 30


    promoting the culture of intellectual property given in 2015

Intellectual Property

IP Policies

IP Policies

Since 2008, Andrés Bello University has defined Intellectual Property Policies. Know them here.

Manual del Inventor

Manual del Inventor

La Dirección de Transferencia Tecnológica ha desarrollado un Manual donde podrás conocer todo el proceso de innovación, desde el resultado hasta la transferencia tecnológica, y cómo conseguir apoyo en cada una de sus etapas.

Support Instruments

Support Instruments

We have a number of instruments created to protect your creations and research results to third parties. Know them and download them below.

Technological Surveillance

Technological Surveillance

Andrés Bello University, through the Technology Transfer Office, makes available to all faculty and research a software for Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence.