In the Value Creation Program, students will become entrepreneurs. Through an online platform and business mentors, they will shape their “champion” idea to make it a potentially successful business. After a demanding round of interviews to analyze the entrepreneurial team with the business idea, students begin the program with an Ideation Workshop, where they identify and analyze the assumptions behind the business idea, so as they progress in the program, can validate and define the livelihoods of the success of their business.

The basis of the program to generate the radical change in the behavior of students are the 5 Disciplines of Innovation (5DOI) from Stanford Research Institute International (SRI). With them, participants develop the skills to design and communicate the value proposition that is generated to the customer or end user, either to get financing, sales and even co-founders with whom form their venture.

Finally, participants are confronted with a round of interviews with mentors who will guide them how to deal with business in and economically and technically efficient manner.

The program lasts 8 weeks, where the following disciplines are presented: