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About Us

Welcome to the website of UNAB's Direction of Innovation and Technology Transfer, here you will find information about our services, support programs for academics-researchers and students, news and more. We invite you to explore and discover all that our team is developing to succeed in transforming our university and society.

Our origins are technology transfer, and to the extent of our growth and experience we have incorporated innovation and entrepreneurship as key themes to support our community.

You will find in detail our progress in:

Technology Transfer, a unit that leads the transformation of ideas into innovations and technologies and position the developed technologies within the university on the market.

Innovation, unit that led initiatives developed within the university, creating bridges that allow creations, innovations of all kinds, are in tune with the market and society, capturing the intellectual and technological wealth of our university, impacting with their achievements both nationally and internationally.

Entrepreneurship, unit that offers researchers and students a unique ecosystem allowing them to develop solutions to real problems through innovation.

We are a university that provides to its community spaces, know how, and opportunities to grow and deliver a better world than we live today.

Victor Sierra Lucero
Innovation and Technology Transfer Director

Mission and Vision

  • VISION: "Innovating to transform the university and society".

  • MISSION: "To promote the culture of innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship, supporting and facilitating multidisciplinary applied research as an engine of science-based innovation, transfer of results to the market and the creation of partnerships and strategic links with national and international stakeholders ".

How do we do it?

Through a quadruple helix Linkage Model, where all the players in the ecosystem converge: University, Society, Industry and State.


Victor Sierra Lucero
Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer

Forest Engineer of Universidad Austral de Chile, Victor has a Master of Science in Forestry Breeding of the University of Florida in the United States.
He has made several specialization courses in management of innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship, such as The Five Disciplines of Innovation, Tools & Processes for the Innovation Economy, SRI International (Santiago, Chile); Licensing Academy on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (UC Davis, Davis, USA); Training program Projects Innovation and Technology Transfer, University of Barcelona (Spain); Advance Talent program KIM, Knowledge Innovation Market (Spain); Workshop: Anatomy of Research Collaboration Agreement, 2016 AUTM Asia (Thailand).

His extensive career has been focused on the private sector, especially in the forestry and fruit growing area, in the fields of breeding, biotechnology and technology transfer. His expertise is in dealing with the industrial sector, particularly in technology transfer negotiation. He is an active member of the Nacro (Network of Academic Relations Corporate Officers) network.

As Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer he ensures compliance of the mission and objectives of the DITT, bringing technology, innovation and entrepreneurship generated at University Andrés Bello University to the society and industry.

Leonora Romero Muñoz
Director of Technology Transfer Office

Forest Engineer from the Catholic University of Temuco and Master in Business Administration from the Institute for Executive Development IEDE. With over 10 years of experience, Leonora has focused her career towards the formulation, monitoring and control of research and development projects and management of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, obtaining a unique expertise in the management of these areas from the university. She is an active member of the Network of Technology Managers (Red GT) of Chile.

In her position as Director of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) has as priorities to plan and manage the activities of the TTO on issues of technology transfer, intellectual property management, application and management of research projects applied to sources of public and/or private funding.

Verónica Lagos Chaura
Coordinator of Institutional Improvement Plan on Innovation

Forest Engineer from the University of Chile, Master in Finance © from the same university, Diploma in Innovation Management at the Catholic University, Diploma in Business Administration from Federico Santa María Technical University, Diploma in Marketing Management from Universidad Diego Portales and various diplomas associated with Learning and Assessment Competency Based Curriculum at the University of Chile.
Part of her career has been highlighted in the areas of definition, planning, development, implementation and evaluation of projects, leading teams involved in the management and implementation of investment projects.
As a professional she corresponded lead the implementation of the Science-based Innovation programs at the Ministry of Education.
As PMI Coordinator Verónica works towards meeting the goals and objectives set by the Ministry of Education, as well as defining strategies to generate a plan of positioning and long-term sustainability of innovation within the University.

Miguel Rebolledo Las Heras
Head of Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Electronic Engineer from the Technical University Federico Santa Maria, Master of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship © from the same university and Diploma in Innovation, Technology and Business of University Adolfo Ibáñez, Miguel is highly involved with innovation, generating new business and entrepreneurship, turning all his passion and energy to position the university as a leader in these issues. It has extensive experience in evaluating and structuring business as well as in the implementation of technological projects, evaluation and modeling of technology-based companies from the initial phase to rounds of investments A & B, preparation and execution of programs and business tournaments, including others.

In his role as Head of Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, his challenge is to create strategies and programs that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the university community.

Francisco Chiang Barros
Head of Innovation Projects Unit

Commercial Engineer with a major in Finance and Marketing from the University of Chile, Master in Marketing from Universidad de Chile and Master in Finance from the same home studio. As a professional, he has been working in the area of business, management of innovation and technology transfer, through the realization and technology transfer in Chile and Mexico, in the pharmaceutical items, ICT, agribusiness, biotechnology, among other. He has 14 years of experience in the agro-industrial and agricultural area, through advice aimed at economic development for ODEPA, INDAP, BID, PNUD in Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and Bolivia.

From his role as Head of Innovation Projects Unit, Francisco manages the technology portfolio, prioritizing projects and preparing its exit to the market.

Ximena Opazo Valenzuela
Head of Corporate Relations Unit

Journalist and Bachelor of Social Communication from the Universidad de la Frontera, Master in Strategic Corporate Communication and Marketing of Universidad Mayor, noted for her commitment and professionalism in various fields of communication. Ximena has served in leadership positions and as a correspondent in press departments, is an expert in crisis management, development of communication policies for higher education institutions, corporate communication and is an active member of Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officers (Nacro) United States.

Ximena is Head of Corporate Relations Unit, rol by which generates University - Industries linkage and deed networks of national and international collaboration.

Camilo Olivares Molina
Head of the Intellectual Property Unit

Law degree from the Universidad Diego Portales, Lawyer and Master of continuity in Civil Law at the same university. Camilo has expertise in intellectual property issues acquired in various national and international courses on the subject, as well as in R&D contracts and negotiating technology transfer.

He currently serves as Head of the Intellectual Property Unit of the DITT and as Counsel for the General Secretariat of the University being responsible for the review of contracts, summary procedures and care of internal customers, in addition to the work of property management intellectual of the results of R+D+i of the University.

Daniela Fuentes Contreras
Head of the R+D+i Projects Unit

Engineer in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Chile, and Master in Technology Management with Emphasis in Biotechnology at the University of Talca. Daniela has valuable experience as Commissioned in FONDEF CONICYT programs, as well as the coordination of the evaluation, monitoring and control of national R&D projects portfolio. She has conducted numerous courses, including "Patent Drafting Workshop", INAPI issued by WIPO; General Course of Intellectual Property issued by WIPO; KIMtalent, by KIM - Knowledge Innovation Market. (Madrid Spain); Course "The Twelfth Annual Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp" Bio International Convention - The Global Event for Biotechnology (United States). She is also an active member of the Network of Technology Managers (Red GT) of Chile.

As Head of the R+D+i Projects Unit Daniela is in charge of providing assistance in the application and management of applied research projects to UNAB researchers with the aim of increasing the critical mass of inventions and transferable results to society and the market.

Nancy Fuentes Morales
Communications Coordinator

Journalist and Bachelor of Social Communication of the Catholic University of Valparaiso, has undergraduate studies at University of Mississippi (USA) with specialization in International Relations. Nancy has made several specialization courses in the area of technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship in various institutions such as Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) and Knowledge Innovation Market (Spain). She is also an active member of the Network of Technology Managers (Red GT) of Chile.

In her work as Communications Coordinator of UNAB's Direction of Innovation and Technology Transfer, she provides support throughout the Direction to coordinate communication efforts and spread around researchers, students and the UNAB community. One of her main contributions is the promotion of the culture of innovation within the institution, through workshops, lectures and seminars in the area of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for faculty and researchers, and linking their initiatives with the needs of the industry.

Sebastián Valenzuela Concha
Technology Manager

Biochemist at the University of Santiago, Chile, Master in Technology Management © of the same University, and Diploma in Innovation Management at the University of Chile. Sebastian has academic and professional training in the areas of innovation, technology management and biotechnology.

He works as a Technology Manager in the Technology Transfer Office, working hand in hand with innovations generated in the research centers of the University, with emphasis on the enhancement of technologies.

Juan Peiñan Aillapan
Technology Manager

Commercial Engineer from Arturo Prat University, Diploma in Business and Management from the University of Chile and Masters in Economics Applied to Public Policy from Alberto Hurtado University and Georgetown University. Juan has extensive knowledge in R&D and entrepreneurship ecosystems, as well as the instruments of the public network of productive development. He has served as Technical Executive in various subaddresses in CORFO, related to productive development projects.

As Technology Manager of the Technology Transfer Office, Juan is in charge of lifting R&D capabilities within the University in its various faculties and offices, as well as project preparation applied to external financing sources.

Bárbara Lizasoain Aninat
Head of the Financial Management Unit

Commercial engineer at the University Andres Bello, Barbara has expertise in the area of finance, financial management of projects and preparation and control of budgets. It also has experience in institutions related to education area and as responsible of the financial management in projects financed by external sources.

As Head of the Financial Management Unit associated with DITT, Barbara is responsible for the proper execution of funds from both the Institutional Improvement Plan UAB 1301 and DITT internal funds as well as monitoring and control.

María Paulina Concha
Coordinadora HUB de Emprendimiento

Commercial Engineer from the University of Santiago, studying Master in Innovation at the University Adolfo Ibáñez. Paulina has extensive experience commercial, financial, international business and innovation areas; It is known for its commercial capacity and negotiation and leadership in the formation of multidisciplinary teams. In the field of Education it has developed curriculum innovation projects, creating and leading interdisciplinary teams, and create cross courses with content of creativity and innovation.

As Coordinator of the Hub of Entrepreneurship, Paulina is responsible for coordinating and managing the activities of innovation and entrepreneurship related to the University to Market (U2M), in particular of the HUB program (excubator), and to support and safeguard the relationship with mentors, investors, students, researchers and entrepreneurs.